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Pizza chase


This is a great sucker effect that will blow your audience away. With this trick you can have your audience laugh, scream, be surprised and be delighted. You show a pizza and a box with two doors. You place the pizza behind one of the doors and have the audience to guess behind which door the Pizza is. When they point to the correct door you tilt the box so that the pizza rolls over to behind the other door. The audience can see the pizza rolling over because of the gap between the two doors. You then open the door that was pointed to originally and show triumphantly that the pizza has vanished. You do this a couple of times with each time trying to show that you are smarter than the audience but the audience can see through your trick. Finally the audience makes you open both the doors at the same time hoping that they will catch you red handed, but when both the doors are opened it is seen that the pizza has indeed vanished. You then bring back the pizza from a totally different place.

This is a very well made Pizza Chase. The Pizza is about 6" in diameter and will be easily visible even from a large stage. With this Pizza Chase you can easy get a full five six minutes of audience participation & endless laughter.