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  • See Through Block Vanish


    This is a deluxe and enhanced version of the classic "Sucker Die Box".

    A double compartment box with doors in the front and on the top and open sides is shown. A solid die that has been inspected is visibly placed in the box and the audience asked to guess the location of the die. No matter which compartment they guess you tilt the box to move the die to the other compartment. You can even hear a loud tap a tell tale sign that the die has moved to the other compartment. Obviously when the identified door is opened it is found to be empty. After some by play both the front doors, top doors and the side panels are opened but there is no sign of the die. The die has magically vanished. All the doors are then closed and magically the die appears back inside the box.

    The die measures about 3" x 3 " x 3" and the box measures about 10" x 5 3/4" x 5 1/2". The box and die are made in wood and the box is lacquered to high glossy finish. This is an excellent price for an excellent quality prop.