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A card is selected from the deck, and a corner is torn off and given to the spectator to hold on to (no switching corners...the corner you tear, is the corner they get). The remainder of the card is put back into the deck, and the deck is shuffled. The magician then introduces two sheets of plexi glass, and rubber bands them together to insure nothing can be introduced between them. They are then placed on an attractive wooden stand, which is resting of the table. The magi then springs (or throws) the deck at the frame and a card with a missing corner is seen to appear, stuck between the two sheets of glass. The rubber bands are removed from the two sheets of glass, and the card is removed as well. The card is turned around and it is shown to be the same card selected by the spectator. The spectator then gives the corner piece to the magician, and it matches the card that appeared between to two sheets of plexi glass!!!

Impossibility made apparently possible.

Comes complete with everything you need to perform the trick (even the gimmick to make the corner tear possible), except the deck of cards...every magician should already own a deck of cards.

This version is better made than the one that's been on the market. The gimmick is stronger, and the quality is better...yet the price is still lower.