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  • Birthday Cake - Mixing Bowl (Set of 3 Silks)


    This is one effect that no birthday party entertainer should be without - it's simply a fabulous year 'round routine with some fantastic eye-catching magic. Announce that you are going to bake a cake, and display a handkerchief with a picture of a mixing bowl and spoon. The handkerchief is placed inside a change bag, and when it is shown again, it has a picture of a birthday cake! Now that's some cool magic. But wait -- there's more! You realize that in order for the cake to be official, it needs to say "Happy Birthday" and have decorations! Dropping the handkerchief into the bag again, you mix everything up, and PRESTO -- the handkerchief now shows the cake decorated for a birthday! This is a great set to use with your Change Bag. You get a complete routine and three beautiful screened silks that are about 18 inches diagonal: Mixing Bowl, Undecorated Cake, and Happy Birthday Cake. Add a mixing spoon as a wand and a few candles and you are all set.