The Magic Super store

Terms of Service:

Please read the following document dealing with our shipment policies, return policies, pricing policies and payment polcies.

Shipment Policy:

We will attempt to ship all in stock items within one business day. We will keep you updated with the shipment information on all the items that are out of stock.

All prices are in US dollars, unless otherwise specified. The prices include shipping by ground delivery within USA. Please contact us at for shipping to any other country other than USA or Canada,  or for shipment by an other means. 

There are no shipping and handling charges for orders shipped within the USA.

Return Policy:

Unlike most products the value of a Magic trick lies both in its secret or the principal behind the trick and the actual item or the gimmick itself. In most cases the secret or the principal is more valuable then the actual item or the gimmick.

Since it is not fair on the inventor of the trick to order an item, learn the secret and return the item, we do not accept any returns, refunds or exchanges except for manufacturing defects.

We advise you to check with us at if you have any concerns or questions about a trick before placing the order. Once the item is shipped we will not be able to exchange an item or refund the cost of the item.

We attempt to test all our products before they are shipped out. In the rare event that an item does not function as expected due to faulty workmanship, we would be glad to refund or replace the item, but you need to contact us before you ship the item back to us. Please send us an e-mail explaining the problem and if the problem is related to a faulty workmanship, we will replace or refund the cost of the item. Please ship the item back to us only when you receive an e-mail or an written request to ship back the item. We would be able to refund for the item only if we receive the item in its original condition and in its original packing.

To avoid abuse of the return policies you need to inform us about any breakage or malfunction of the item, within 24 hrs or receipt of the item.

Please contact us at, if you have any questions about our return policy.

Pricing Policy:

In case of discrepancies between the prices on the lists and the prices on the individual item pages, the prices on the individual item pages would be the latest and would prevail.