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  • Coin Vanisher - Brass


    This is one of the most effective visual and easy waysto vanish a marked quarter right in front of the eyes of the audience. With this coin vanisher the audience can see the coin till the last moment before it is vanished and your hands are clean at all times.

    A borrowed quarter is marked on both sides, with your signature on one side and the audience signature on the other side. The coin is then placed in this coin vanisher and covered with a lid that has a hole on it. The coin is clearly visible through the hole. You then hand over a nest of nested boxes (sold separately) or a locked wooden chest to the audience for safe keeping. The lid is then removed and the coin is clearly shown. The base with the coin is dropped into your hands. The coin vanishes in mid air and can be produced from the nest of boxes or the wooden chest or from any other such similar place.

    Comes in a beautiful velvet pouch for safe keeping.