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  • Color Changing Hat


    You show a black hat and place it on the volunteer's head but you need the hat to be any color but black to make the trick to happen, so you turn it inside out. The hat now changes to a red hat. It still doesn’t look right to you so you turn it inside out again hoping to get the back the black hat. This time instead of turning back into the black hat it turns into a Yellow hat. Surprised you turn it inside out again and it turns into a Green hat and finally into a Blue hat. This Color Changing Hat can be used as a running gag or a trick on its own. This coloring changing hat is great with kids and offers plenty of opportunities for a comedy act. The hat has been specially designed with black borders that will prevent the next color from prematurely flashing from the corners.

    This is a great comedy effect at a very affordable price that packs flat and plays big.