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Double Rod Invasion (a.k.a Skewered)


This is an easy to do and yet very inexpensively priced illusion. You freely show a frame and two solid skewers. The audience can touch and feel that the skewers are solid. The two skewers are then passed through the frame one at a time. The skewers are clearly seen to pass through the center of the frame in criss-cross manner at right angles to each other.

You then ask for a volunteer to volunteer his neck to you. The frame is placed around the volunteer's neck and the two skewers are passed right through the volunteer's neck.  It sounds and feels impossible, but then nothing is impossible for the magician.

We supply the special frame, the two skewers, and a bag to hold them, a clip to hold the bag to your trousers and everything else that is needed to perform this effec