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  • Fire & Production Hat


    You have a top hat that has been lying on your table from the start of your show. As you wave your hands over the hat a huge flame bursts out from the hat. This immediately catches the attention of the audience. The flames die out as suddenly as they appeared. This happens for a couple of times. You then reach into the hat and produce a large bouquet of spring flowers. A lot of individual flowers then magically appear in the hat followed by a long stream of ribbons. Finally a second bouquet of flowers appears in the hat. This fire production hat can be used to produce a lot more items and finally handed out for inspection.

    This Fire Production Hat comes with a black metal Top Hat, two bouquets of large Mylar spring flowers, over 50' of colored ribbons & twenty four loose Mylar spring flowers. This is a lot of production items and your can make your stage appear full with these items.

    A lot of production items at a very inexpensive price. The Mylar flowers itself are worth more than the price of this fire production hat.

    As with any fire items, you need to use extreme caution while performing this trick. Any handling errors could prove to be very costly and dangerous.

    This item is not for sale to minors and is for sale only to professional magicians familiar with the handling of fire effects.