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  • Linking Loops


    You show four different colored ropes (Red, Yellow, Green & Blue) and call on three spectators to examine the ropes and tie them into a loop. You then tie a loop with the rope in your hand. Now without switching the ropes or tampering the knots you proceed to link and unlink the solid loops of rope. As a finale the spectators are once again allowed to untie the knots and examine the ropes.

    If you are doing a birthday show you can give a rope each to the dad, mom, sibling of the birthday person and you hold on with the one for the birthday person. Each color of the rope can symbolize some quality of the person holding the rope such as blue for calmness, red for high energy, green for the money maker and yellow for likeable personality.

    This is a great routine wherein you can involve the entire family of the birthday person and make them the center of attraction during the show.

    This is a very easy to do, well made woolen rope trick that packs flat and plays big.