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  • Princess Paddle


    There are a lot of Paddle tricks in the market but the fact that you can show four faces on a paddle as compared to two faces in almost all other paddle tricks makes the Princess Paddle unique. The unique picture on the paddle helps you create that there are four faces on this paddle. This Princes Paddle and the presentation comes from Ralph Fowler one of the brightest minds in today's world of magic.

    In this paddle presentation you show a wicked witch on one side of the paddle and a beautiful princess on the other side of the paddle. The wicked witch then multiplies and you now have two witches on each side of the paddle. You finally end up with two beautiful princesses on one side and a third beautiful prince on the other side.

    This paddle is hand made from wood and lacquered to a smooth finish. This is a collector quality item at a very inexpensive price. The paddle comes packaged in a very beautiful box.