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Ring Flite


This is one of the classics in magic that was created more than two hundred years ago by Pinetti and described in detail by Al Koran in his book Professional Presentations.

You borrow a ring and hold it your fist. You then have a volunteer to hold your fist to make sure that nothing funny happens. You then mumble a few magic words and when the fist is opened the ring has mysteriously vanished right under the nose of the volunteer. You feel bad that you have lost a ring that was very dear to the volunteer, to make up you ask the volunteer to go to you car and get your cheque book so that you can make good his / her loss. When you reach into your pockets to bring out your car keys the ring is seen to be securely clipped in the middle of all the keys. This is amazing magic that happens in the hands of the volunteer right in front of his nose.

This is a very well made Right Flight made in soft leather that looks great and will last you a long time.