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Run Rabbit Run


This is a favorite "sucker effect" for kid shows. The performer displays a flat cutout "Rabbit" which is placed behind one door of a two-door cutout prop, resembling a part of a house. The Rabbit vanishes from behind this door and appears behind the other door. This is repeated several times. Finally the Rabbit vanishes altogether, and is produced from an entirely different place.

The Rabbit can be seen walking over from one side to the other when the performer is not looking. It peeps around the sides of the apparatus. It seems to have a mind of it's own. In the hands of any reasonably competent performer, this is an absolute riot with the kids.

The cutout of the house measures 16" X 7 1/2" and the Rabbits are about 5 1/4" tall. Made of wood with a high-gloss & lacquered in brilliant colors.