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  • Single Hand Dove Harness


    This is an accessory that will help you to effortlessly produce a live dove. This Dove harness works very fast, is noiseless and is very secure for the bird too. Ample space has been provided in this Single Hand Dove Harness to prevent the bird from getting hurt or suffocated. This dove harness can be used with either hand and a couple of these could be used  for twin dove production. You need just one hand to operate this Single Hand  Dove Harness, which leaves your other hand free for other things.

    Many flaws that were often experienced with the Zipper Dove Bags, Velcro Bags and pull-apart dove bags have been overcome with this Single Hand Dove Releaser.

    We supply you with a Single Hand Dover Releasing Harness, a pocket that needs to be attached to your coat and a matching 18" silk of the color of the harness.