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Spelling Bee (With two Alphabet Decks)


This is a great kid’s show effect that will pack flat and play big.

You show a board with nine empty slots and numbers on the back. You have a volunteer pick up nine random cards from an Alphabet deck without looking at the face of the cards. The cards are then shuffled and you place one card at a time in the slot selected by the audience. When all the cards are placed in the slots you turn around the board to show that the cards now spell a word like BIRTHDAY or the birthday person’s name or any other word that you would like to spell out or is appropriate for the party theme or the trade show. You don’t have to use all the nine slots you may use only as many as you need. This trick comes with two Alphabet decks with each deck having 55 cards, so you can spell any word you can think of.

This is a great trick at a great price. You will love it the first time you do it. Comes with everything needed to perform it right out of the box.