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Vanishing Martini


This is a wonderful trick that uses a Martini bottle.

You  pour a peg from a Martini bottle and take a toast. When you have had enough pegs  you try to vanish the Martini bottle using a paper cylinder. The only problem is that the paper cylinder is too small. When the paper cylinder is placed on the bottle, either the top part of the bottle is visible or the bottom part of the bottle is visible. You then try to vanish the bottle using a silk. You cover the bottle with silk and remove the silk. To you the bottle appears to have vanished but the audience feel that the bottle is inside the silk. So you crush the silk to show that the bottle is not there and also show that the tube is completely empty. The bottle has truly vanished!!.


This prop can be used as a comedy prop or as a sucker effect, either ways it is very effective.


This is a very well made prop made of spun aluminum and spray painted to a high glossy finish and looks like a real martini bottle. This prop  is  a steal at this price.